"Doing Me Good"

Vinyl LP $40 + P/H

CD $20 AUD + P/H

Released 24th Dec 2018

Songs: Ain't No Good, Promised Land, Doing Me Good, I'm Coming Home, I Wanna' Know, Come On, Derek, Rolling Wheels, Marry You, After The Flood, Shack Song.


$20 AUD + P/H

Released 1st October 2013

 Songs: Drinking The Blues, Love and Happiness, Right Place Wrong Time, Cold Water, Repo Man, Goodnight My Love, Been My Gal, Talkin' Bout New Orleans, My Soul, Woman Across The River and Strong Suit.


$40 AUD + P/H


$20 AUD + P/H

Released Sept 2010

Songs: Town of Machine, Mr Soul, San Jose, Tumbleweed, Bad Penny, Driving Love, Stars, On Your Way Down, Helpless Man, Deadman Theme
pete cornelius ian collard

"Man Of Peace" Pete Cornelius & Ian Collard

Check out Pete and Ian's version of the Bob Dylan tune.

Only available in iTunes. Click here


$20 AUD + P/H

Released Oct 2008

Songs include: Heartbreaker, Comin' Home, Nearly Caused Me The Blues, Gotta' Live, Rock N Roll, All My Heroes Are Dead, Bunglo Party, Goin' Down, Shake Your Money Maker, Running In The Red, After School Blues, Born Under A Bad Sign.


$20 AUD + P/H

Released 2008

Songs include: Missin' You, Done Got Over it, Dirty Little Mama, Coal Miner, Suburban Hell, Whats Wrong, Whiskey Drinkin' Woman, Hard Times, 3 o'clock, No Good Woman, Love Locks, Don't Go, Playboy Blues.

"Creatues of the Night"

$20 AUD + P/H

Released in 2004

Songs include: Creatures of the Night, That Mars Song, Billfish Bay, Running in the Red, Youth in Asia, Asher's Room, Hep Cat Roar, Rock n Roll, Cherry Bomb, Stairway to hell, Goin' Down, Albatross and Bunglo Party.

"Freerange" Steve Arvey & Pete Cornelius

$20 AUD + P/H

Released in 2005

Songs include: Faith , Something to lose, Cocaine Girl, Proverbs, When I get Drunk, The Pain is gone, The Picture, Cabo Sunset, Two Roads, Big Road, Bush Chook and Faith (radio mix).

"Gonna' Burn"

$20 AUD + P/H

Released 2005, an all acoustic blues/roots delight! Pete lays down all instruments and creates a real live in your loungeroom vibebe.

Songs include: C'mon Baby, I Cant Wait, Six Strings Down, Mile After Mile, Gonna' Burn, Gin Soaked Boy, Billfish Bay, Jellyfish, Mr Siegal, Workin' Away, Stealin' Stealin' and Don't Let the Sun Set.

"Gotta' Live"

$20 AUD + P/H

Released in 2001

Songs include: Gotta Live, Nearly caused me the Blues, She's my baby, All my heroes are dead, Blues fell this morning, Love cant be sold, One way love, Blues for you, Riders on the storm, Hey Joe and Diddy wha diddy.

"Live @ Narooma"

$20 AUD + P/H

Released in 1999

Songs include: Coming home, Leave my little girl alone, If you be my baby, Afterschool Blues, Im tore down, Something inside of me, Heartbreaker, All my heroes are dead, Hey Joe-Voodoo Chile-Little Wing and Baby Please Dont Go.